Fort Saskatchewan Soccer
Our volunteers make it possible for over 1,100 children to play soccer each year

Outdoor Registration - February  1 to 28  ***  Indoor Registration - July 1 to August 31

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2017-18 Indoor Schedule

**U10-18 Practice and game Schedules**

To see what is booked at the DCC Soccer Ptich for Fort Saskatchewan Arsenal, go to our RecTimes Link:
There is an H and V for home side and visitor side and where there is no H or V then it is a full pitch.
yellow for practice
Orange for Technical practice
Green for games
pink for timbits
blue for adults

U10-18 league teams practice schedule - Click here

****Note: this schedule is not for the U4-8 programs****

Sherwood Park League Game Schedules
Game Schedules for the Sherwood Park League are posted on the Sherwood Park website

U10B (Adamyk) - Click Here
U10B (Ream) - Click Here
U10B (Jarabek) - Click Here
U10G (Van Domselaar) - Click Here
U10G (Bandura) - Click Here
U12B (Gray)Click Here
U12B (Vaughan) - Click Here
U12G (Lennox) - Click Here
U12G (Suecroft) Click Here

EMSA League Game Schedules
 Game schedules are available on the EMSA website      

**U4-8  Schedules**
U4 program will start Oct 29. 
U4 Schedule  - Click Here
U4T1 - Purple, U4T2 - Green, U4T3 - Grey, U4T4 - Blue    
U6 starts Saturday Oct 28
U6 Schedule - Click Here
Team 1 - Purple, Team 2 - Lime Green, Team 3 - Grey, Team 4 - Navy Blue
Team 5 - Dark Green , Team 6 - Orange
U8 starts Tuesday , Oct 24           
U8 Schedule -  Click Here
Team 1 - Purple, Team 2 - Light Green, Team 3 - Grey, Team 4 - Burgundy
Team 5 -Dark Green, Team 6 - Navy Blue

U8 teams play twice a week,  Tues evenings at 6.00 pm or 7 pm and Satu mornings at 10 or 11 



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