Fort Saskatchewan Soccer
Our volunteers make it possible for over 1,100 children to play soccer each year

Outdoor Registration - February  1 to 28  ***  Indoor Registration - July 1 to August 31

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Parent Code of Conduct

You are an important part of your Team!  You are to model respect and appreciation to the FSOS volunteers, so that your children will also learn from you, alongside their coach.  Your participation is to mirror the spirit of FSOS.


Please note – the coach is NOT a babysitter and will not automatically assume the task of transporting your child to/from fields, or caring for your child beyond practice/game times.  If necessary, make arrangements with other parents.


·         Respect all team officials, coaches, players and other parents.  You not only represent yourself on the field, but also MSA and FSOS.


·         Respect the rules and the governing bodies of the Sports Associations, and behave in a respectful manner.  Follow this chain in addressing issues:  Coach, Age Group Coordinator, President.


·         Avoid being a side-line coach: unless of course you would like to volunteer as an assistant coach on your team!


·         Respect the coach and their decisions.  Talk to them in private if you do not agree.  Do not malign them to others:  if issues arise contact the FSOS President.


·         Support your child with encouragement, they are hard enough on themselves.


·         Accept responsibility for your child’s actions at all team activities.


·         Recognize that should there be a situation that requires disciplinary action – it is not your responsibility to fix, but that of the Minor Sports Groups involved.


·         Encourage and review the Player Code of Conduct with your child.


·         Should you be involved in an altercation, be prepared to leave the field when asked to.  FSOS would prefer this never to happen!

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