Fort Saskatchewan Soccer
Our volunteers make it possible for over 1,100 children to play soccer each year

Outdoor Registration - February  1 to 28  ***  Indoor Registration - July 1 to August 31

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Referee Forms

There are a few forms which Fort Saskatchewan referee will be needing during the season.

Game Misconduct Form

You will need to complete a Game Misconduct Form any time you give out a red card. See the Red Card tab for instructions.

Referee Pay Sheets - Outdoor only

Pay sheets are found under the "Forms" tab.
If you want to get paid,
you will need to complete this form and turn it into the Fort Saskatchewan Minor Sports Association office (ph. 780.998.1835). The office is located in the Jubilee Recreation Center (east side).

The payment sheet should be included with all signed games sheets for games you were the Center Referee. If you are an Assistant Referee for a game make sure your name is on the game sheet. The Referee Pay Sheet is compare to the signed game sheets which have been turned into the office by the center referee for each game.

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