Fort Saskatchewan Soccer
Our volunteers make it possible for over 1,100 children to play soccer each year

Outdoor Registration - February  1 to 28  ***  Indoor Registration - July 1 to August 31

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Important Registration Notes

  1. Indoor season registration is July 1 to August 31. Outdoor season registration is Feb 1 to Feb 28.  Late registrations will be accepted if there are teams needing players. Late fees will apply.
  2. To register with Fort Saskatchewan Soccer individuals/families must be in good standing with Fort Saskatchewan Soccer and other sports with Fort Saskatchewan Minor Sports Association. Individuals/families in bad standing are prohibited from registering with the FSMSA sports.
  3. Community program placement is on a first come / first served basis. Player registration must be complete before a player is considered eligible to be put on a team. Player registration is considered incomplete until all fees are paid. Once fees are paid players will be eligible for team placement if any positions are still available.
  4. Placement on Tier 3 teams is by tryout. Players interested in Tier 3 must register for community soccer and also for Tier 3 tryouts. Any player not present for tryouts or who doesn't make the Tier 3 cut will play community.
  5. Players must play in their appropriate age group unless exceptional circumstances are determined by our Technical Committees. Requests are reviewed after registration closes. Please see our Policy 120 - Player Movement and the Player Movement Request form (found under the Information/Forms tab).

    If a player is registered in the wrong age group Fort Saskatchewan Soccer will move the child to the correct age group. Should the correct age group be full at the time the registration error is detected, your registration will be refunded per our standard refund policy.
  6. Our Policy 140 - Withdrawals, Cancellations and Refunds  changed in 2015. See the Policies page under the "Information/Polices, Rules & Regs" tab. Also see the "Registration" sub-tab - "Withdrawals & Refunds".
  7. In situations where we receive sufficient registered players to create multiple teams in a Program at age levels U10 and above, we will hold player assessments in order to balance each team's skill level.
  8. Team related special requests and concerns are to be identified on the original registration form. Fort Saskatchewan Soccer will only review team related special requests and concerns submitted during the registration process. Special requests submitted in any format after the registration will not be reviewed. Reviewing a request does not mean a request can be granted. Special requests for the Recreation programs are not applicable.
  9. League information is also subject to changes by the league(s) in which our teams play. 
  10. The $100 refundable volunteer deposit cheques for U4 to U18 players are collected by coaches/team managers. Cheques are to be dated (March 1 - indoor season; July 1 - outdoor season)and are payable to the Fort Saskatchewan Minor Sports Association. All families provide a Volunteer Deposit cheque. See our Volunteer Deposit - Policy 130 and Volunteer Q&A.

    While we would rather players/parents complete our soccer assigned tasks we understand that some families may prefer the option of donating their volunteer deposit in lieu of completing volunteer hours. Families choosing to "Opt Out" of their volunteer commitment must pay the volunteer deposit as part of their child's online registration fees.
  11. The $100 Jersey deposit cheques for U10 to U18 players are collected by coaches prior to jersey distribution. For the indoor season cheques are dated March 1. For the outdoor season cheques are to be dated July 1 and payable to the Fort Saskatchewan Minor Sports Association. Timbit players (U4,6,8) do not provide a Jersey Deposit cheque. Cheques are cashed when jerseys are not returned or if jerseys are returned damaged or not clean.
  12. Games schedules are determined by the league(s) in which our teams play.
  13. League information is also subject to changes by the league(s) in which our teams play.     


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