Volunteer Q&As


1. Why did soccer introduce a volunteer policy? 
Soccer has over 1,000 children register every year. In Fort Saskatchewan more children play soccer than any other sport. Volunteers help keep children’s programs affordable by keeping the registration costs lower which means more children can play soccer. We need more volunteer help in order to provide indoor and outdoor soccer programs to the increasing number of children.

We are very thankful for the volunteers we have but we just don’t have enough. We want to keep improving our children’s soccer programs by doing what we do better and doing tasks we don’t have enough time or people to accomplish.

2. What is soccer’s volunteer policy? 
Our policy is on the website under the Information/Policies, Rules & Regs tab.  Please review the policy for more detailed information.

We are asking all families (U3 to U19) to provide a $100 refundable volunteer fee which will be added to your registration fee during registration. We will refund the volunteer fee when the family completes five volunteer hours for tasks assigned by Fort Saskatchewan Soccer. 
3. Do other sport groups in Fort Saskatchewan have a volunteer policy? 
Yes, they may call it by other names. Ringette requires 10 hours or $200 dollars for their volunteer participation hours. The Fort Saskatchewan Nordic Ski Club volunteer program requires 10 to 90 hours per family depending on the program in which a skier is registered. Other programs like hockey, baseball, judo, swimming and gymnastics have mandatory team or individual fundraising.

4. Can I "opt out" of Fort Saskatchewan Soccer's volunteer policy? 
While we would rather players/parents help us with the tasks required to run soccer programs for over 1,100 children each year, we do understand that some families would prefer the option of donating their volunteer fee of $100 to Fort Saskatchewan Soccer.

Families can choose to not volunteer and their volunteer fee will not be refunded. 
5. What counts towards volunteer hours and what doesn’t?  
Parents are expected to help out with their children’s team. While this is a valued form of assistance, with the exception of team officials, this is NOT considered part of Fort Saskatchewan Soccer’s official volunteer commitment. Team officials are the executive committee assigned coaches, team managers and level directors.

Volunteer tasks help soccer as an organization, not just individual teams. Volunteer tasks are assigned by the Soccer Sport Coordinator or a member of the Soccer Executive Committee.

At the time of registration, players/parents can chose a preference from a list of various volunteer roles. A  detailed list of volunteer roles is found on our website www.fortsasksoccer.ca under the “Information/Volunteers” tab. While we try to assign tasks per registration preferences, we assign tasks based on the needs of Fort Saskatchewan Soccer. Some examples of volunteer opportunities are: coaching, packing equipment bags, sorting equipment when it is returned, being a Field Marshall at a tournament, looking after soccer display signs, helping with pictures, making Christmas tree decorations and decorating a parade float.

6. How are the volunteer hours tracked? 
This is the first year of our volunteer policy and in prior years we didn’t track how long a task took to complete. Some tasks like coach, team manager, or executive committee member take more than five hours. When we assign tasks we keep track of how long it took the volunteer to complete the task.

The Volunteer Coordinator keeps track of the volunteer hours. They track how many emails have been sent requesting help and who has completed their volunteer hours and who hasn’t.

7. How will I be contacted to volunteer? 
All communications from Fort Saskatchewan Soccer are by email. We send out mass emails when we have volunteer opportunities. The email provides information about the opportunity and we ask people to email us back to let us know if they can or can’t help with the task.

It is the players/parents responsibility to ensure our mass emails do not end up in a ‘junk’ folder, as this is not an excuse for not responding. Failure to respond to a request (via email or phone) within 72hrs constitutes a refusal to volunteer.  

8. What if I am not available for an opportunity that I have been asked to volunteer for? 
If you receive an email and aren’t able to help with the particular task other emails will be sent for another task we need help with.

9. What happens if I can't fulfill the opportunity I committed to or if I do not show up for my opportunity? 

If a volunteer commitment has been made and the commitment cannot be fulfilled, the player/family is responsible for providing a replacement player/family volunteer.

If a volunteer commitment has been made and the person fails to appear for their commitment the volunteer commitment cannot be rescheduled and the volunteer fee will not be refunded.

10. What happens to my volunteer fee at the end of the season? 
Once the commitment for the season is fulfilled the volunteer fee will be refunded. Those who do not fulfill their commitment will not have their volunteer fee refunded.

11. I haven’t been contacted for any volunteer opportunities. 
It is the players/parents responsibility to ensure our mass emails do not end up in a ‘junk’ or ‘spam’ folder. You can check the website as all volunteer opportunities will be psoted.

If every family has to do five hours of volunteering will there be enough tasks for everyone?

There are many tasks we need help with. When some tasks are complete we find new ways and new tasks to make our programs better for the children. If we reach the end of July (outdoor season) or March (indoor season) and we didn’t contact your family, your cheque will be shredded. We will put on the top of the list for the next season’s volunteer opportunities.

12. How long does the volunteering season last? 
For the outdoor season opportunities are from February to the end of July. Indoor season volunteer opportunities are from July through the end of March.

13. I have three children registered in soccer. Does that mean that I have to volunteer 15 hours or pay $300? 
The volunteer time requirement is a minimum of five (5) hours of volunteer time to the organization per family per season.  If multiple children (of the same immediate family) are registered in the same season only five hours of volunteer time or $100 is required for the season.

14. Am I notified once my volunteer fee is refunded 
Yes, we will send you an email saying you have complete your commitment for the season and you volunteer fee will be refunded to the credit card used for registration.

15. Where can I get more information about the volunteer policy? 
Our policy is on the website under the Information/Policies, Rules & Regs tab [click here]

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